Log Book Services

When you need it the most.

On automobiles, minor problems can lead to significant damage and difficulties which will be very expensive to repair. So, periodic inspections and minor repairs is necessary to keep your car running smoothly and effectively. Our Log Book Service lets you do such periodic inspections. Minor problems are solved according to the monthly maintenance schedule outlined in your log book, protecting your warranty, avoiding major issues, improving engine performance, eliminating safety concerns, extending vehicle life, and saving you a fortune.

If your new vehicle is still under warranty, you must follow the log book service plan or your guarantee will be invalidated. If something goes wrong with your vehicle and you take it to the service facility for repairs, while it is still under warranty, they will inspect your vehicle service log book, and if any services are missing, they may refuse to pay for the repairs.

Every time you service your vehicle, you must keep a logbook. It is required if your vehicle’s performance changes. If the log book is found invalid, all costs will be taxed at the highest tax rate. If you need a clear picture of all crucial vehicle inspections and maintenance, you should get a log book service!