Maintenance/ Repair Service

When you need it the most.

Maintenance is performed after a set time or after the vehicle has driven a particular distance. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the service intervals in a service schedule, and some recent vehicles show the due date for the next service mechanically on the instrument panel.

Clean City Vehicle Service mechanics are certified and licensed for Medium/Heavy Truck Technician by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They can detect any engine problems with their vast understanding of how vehicles work.

The Maintenance Service includes changes to the engine oil and filter, which is needed to maintain and cool the engine parts, a driving test, brakes and fluid condition, tyre’s pressure and condition report, steering and suspension check, cooling system and condition test, lights, wipers, battery and electrical check, and more.

For safety reasons, your brakes should be changed or examined at least once every six months or after a certain distance traveled by a vehicle. Clean City Vehicle Service technicians inspect your braking system, replace brake pads and discs, and top off brake fluid if needed.

Beware of minor issues! They may seem trivial but can create alarming swerves, pulling or bouncing, or loss of control while driving. Clean City Vehicle Service mechanics are fully qualified to fix these minor issues and ensure that you do not experience such accidents.

They are professionally trained and schooled on everything from tyre problems and inflation to rotation and balancing. They fix punctures and damaged valves in tubeless tyres and assess whether or not the tyres need to be changed. They can also check the lights, wipers and battery of the automobile, then replace them if needed.  .