Car Wash and Detailing

When you need it the most.

Car washing is a wide cleaning technique that removes dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior. It’s a quick process of washing a vehicle with a high-pressure spray while passing it through a tunnel and over a conveyor system that washes it.

Car detailing is a considerably more thorough procedure than car washing; detailing focuses on both the outside and inside of the vehicle. Car detailing pros take the time to go into all the cracks and crevices that car washes sometimes overlook, resulting in a more specific vehicle cleaning suited to the client’s demands. Virtually every portion of the vehicle, including the engine and undercarriage, is touched when detailing a car. Furthermore, professional detailers usually focus on the removal of difficult stains and spots left by tree sap or bird droppings.

Clean City Vehicle Service’s mechanics are trained to wash and detail the condition of any size vehicles, including Maruti, Tata, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra, Ford, Skoda, General Motors, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes Benz. Drivers should pull up to the hose bays where attendants will promptly clean their vehicles. The washing itself takes less than ten minutes. The cost of each vehicle ranges from Rs. 250 to 1000 depending upon the size and type of car, while four-wheeler SUVs can cost up to Rs. 2000. Customers should expect to pay additional charges for specialized paint-protection packages and a glass treatment to prevent water spotting on windshields.