Brakes Service

When you need it the most.

Brakes are devices used to slow or stop a vehicle or other moving mechanism by absorbing or transferring momentum energy, typically through friction.

The goal of the brakes is to stop the vehicle in the shortest feasible distance by converting the vehicle’s kinetic energy into thermal energy that is released into the atmosphere. There are several braking systems, including mechanical brakes, disc brakes, hydraulic brakes, air brakes, electric brakes, and hand brakes.

In fact, the most important safety system in your car is the brakes. Brakes allow you to slow down or come to a complete stop instantly, which can help you avoid a severe accident. Brakes that are not routinely maintained and tested may fail you when you need them the most.

The physics of pushing the brake pedal creates wear and tear on these components over time. Clean City Vehicle Service mechanics are sufficiently trained to inspect and report to the customer about the condition of the brakes.